Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wait A Minute! You Said There Are No Rules!

THREAD:  Rules of Interior Design

By this point you might be thinking:

Wait a minute Kim! According to your own rules, there’s nothing that you ALWAYS have to do to make a room work. There are "no rules."  But now you’re saying that you ALWAYS have to use these Principles of Interior Design.  So wouldn't that mean Principles are really just Rules?

No.  And here's why...Because a “rule” is a definitive action or non-action, like you must “always DO something” or you should “never DO something.” The Principles of Interior Design are not actions. They are feelings. Feelings that are created through design. Feelings that can vary slightly or greatly between people and cultures. There are no set-in-stone rules for creating these feelings.

However there are several tools that are used in many different ways to evoke them.  These "tools" are better known as "elements" and there are infinite ways to incorporate and combine these elements in order to design a successful space.  I'm sure that you are already familiar with them, but just in case...

Elements of Interior Design:
Line, Space, Shape, Texture & Value, Color & Light
(Let's revisit these Elements in more detail, in a later thread).

Another important tool in the design process, perhaps the most important tool, is the CONCEPT.  You see in a design project, all of the Principles will exist to some degree, but they will not exist equally.  You must choose which ones to emphasize and which elements you will use to achieve that emphasis.  All of your choices and design decisions should be determined by your concept, which simply put, is the main idea or theme of your space.  When dealing with your personal home I would call the concept your “Style”.

So I hope this is all making sense.  What it really boils down to is that all well designed spaces have a sense of order to them.  A purpose.  This Order can only be achieved by emphasizing certain Principles, determined by your Concept or Style, using the Elements of Design.  The possibilities are endless!  That is why I say there is nothing that you ALWAYS have to do, or should NEVER do.

Literally - There are NO RULES!!!  Enough said!...Unless you have something to add!

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