Why This Blog

Interior Design...where do I begin? There are so many ID topics that I want to share and explore with you. I think I'm just gonna have to dive right in! But first I want to start by explaining "Why This Blog". I mean aren't there enough already?

Now I know that if you've stumbled upon this blog because you have an interest or an affinity for "Interior Design", you're probably looking for some great ideas, photo eye-candy, and some "tips", "tricks", and "secrets" of interior design. If that's you, I sure don't want to disappoint, but I'm opting out of the traditional design blog format. As you've inevitably discovered, there's already a bazillion of them out there. Some are really fabulous, some not so much, but after awhile even the good ones all start to look alike.

At least that's been my experience. You see I am a professional interior designer and as such I just haven't come across anything on the internet about ID that makes me want to subscribe, follow, or even return anytime soon. What I have found is that most design blogs focus on the "Who", "What", and "How", and while all of these are important and interesting I think they've neglected the most important question..."Why?" This leads me to:

Why this blog? Well - I'll tell you...because I'm going to answer your "WHY’s."

-Why does that design tip work?
-Why doesn't my room look like the magazine where I found that tip?
-Why is that room successful?
-Why do "Interior Designers" get so mad when you call them "Decorators"?
-Why is Interior Design education important?...I mean you can't teach FAB!
-Why is this list getting so long?...etc, etc, etc...

You might be wondering why I would even bother looking at these blogs and websites...Well, it's usually to find inspiration and to see what people are talking about in the Design World. But typically I just get frustrated with the information (or lack there of) that’s out there. There are plenty of fluff pieces with pretty pictures but that’s not real useful to me. I’m not looking to hire an interior designer, I'm not seeking advice, and I already know the "tricks-of-the-trade" which most of the time are being spewed at me from novices, journalists, or other media personalities who have a quote-un-quote, "passion" for interior design. Seriously?

Whoa! – My jaded side really jumped out on that last comment. You’re probably thinking, “Jealous much?” And perhaps I am. Jealous because in my 15 years since graduating design school I’ve been chasing this ever elusive “dream” career. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tasted success. It’s just never been as fulfilling as I had expected. I’ve been too caught up in doing all the things I’m “supposed” to do. So I’ll admit that I do get jealous of others who seem to have found their fulfillment through interior design without, in my opinion, putting forth any real effort.

They didn’t go to school for it. They don’t have much, if any experience in it. And they haven’t studied for, sat for, and passed the national qualifying exam for it. They didn't do what they were "supposed" to do. I’ve done all those things. I played by all of the rules, so why do they seem to be having all the fun? Why are they reaping what they haven't even sown?

I'll tell you why...Because they sowed something different. They listened to their passion, followed their bliss, and found their niche. They used their professional training as a writer, a broadcaster, a carpenter, an artist, a celebrity, a DIYer, a teacher, a scrap-booker, a whatever; and fused it with their love of interior design to create that success.

Well I’ve decided to stop being a hater and to take a cue from their playbook. Only I’m going to turn the tables. I’m going to take my passion and professional training as an interior designer, and fuse it with my love of writing (Read my Divine Revelation Post Here). I may not be a professional writer, but I do know from education and experience exactly what I’m talking about.

And so, this blog is born. My hope is to start and to have serious (or seriously fun) conversations, with like-minded people about interior design, as both a passion and a profession. "Like-minded" by the way does not mean you have to agree with me (although we'll get along a lot better if you do!). It simply means that you have a serious affection for interior design, not just a superficial one.

I plan to share ideas, explain the "Why”, and shed some light on the ID profession as a whole. I sincerely hope that my posts will engage and inspire design enthusiasts and professionals alike. I don't want to be just another design blog. I want to be different, interesting, enlightening, useful, unexpected. A blog for all you thinkers out there! I’m taking the road less traveled and I hope you’ll want to take it with me!

And don't worry...most of my posts will not be this long. If you've made it this far - thank you!