Who Am I

You've already gotten a taste of who I am from the "About Me" section here to the right. This page is all about "Who I Am and Where I've Been" as an Interior Designer. Of course written in 1st person and not as some 3rd person stuffy "Bio" page...because that's how I roll!

Growing up my family moved every 2-3 years, so my mom was ALWAYS decorating our new house. I guess it rubbed off on me because in 1996 I received my Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture. For a more intriguing story about this please read my Divine Revelations blog post here.

A couple of months after graduation I landed my dream job at TAParchitecture.  I was the only interior designer so I often referred to myself as the "Director" of the Interior Design "Department". Well I guess I did a pretty good job of directing myself because a year later I was allowed to hire some other interior designers, growing to a department of three to go along with my self-given title. Four years into the gig, I was honored to be given the real title of Associate Partner - one of the things I'm most proud of in life!

In the middle of all that I married my long-time love, Jace, and also passed the NCIDQ exam (National Council for Interior Design Qualification). 1998 was a good year!

2002 enter my newest love, my daughter Rylin. My career as "Mom" was born. I left TAP for this new full-time pursuit.

The designer in me didn't sit still for long though and my entrepreneurial spirit came a calling. I actually leapt with both feet and became the owner of a remodeling franchise, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. And while it was an awesome experience that I will never regret, I soon realized that I was in WAY over my head - not as a designer, but financially speaking.

So I was blessed to be able to sell the franchise and make most of that debt disappear. I wasn't completely out of the woods though, so I went to work for Spaces, Inc. - the local Knoll furniture dealership. For more information about this time in my life feel free to read this post on Divine Revelations.

Something else in my interior design career that I’m extremely proud of is my involvement in ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). I have been a professional member since 1998, but started out in 1995 as President of my Student Chapter. I have since served as Chair to several committees and held various board positions, including Oklahoma State Chapter President in 2006-07. I currently serve on the board as the Director of Finance and next year’s incoming Director At-Large.  I have received an ASID Excellence in Design Award and also numerous Presidential Citations. (Jan. 2013 update: After almost 20 years and much thoughtful consideration, I have dropped my membership in ASID. If I ever write about my decision I will link to it here).

I am also a founding member of OIDC (Oklahoma Interior Designer Coalition) where, as a board member, I served a key role in the passage of the Oklahoma Interior Design Act. Through that experience I gained knowledge and insight of the profession, locally as well as nationally, which left me with a unique perspective on the issues. I have many thoughts and opinions about interior design legislation, and for those of you who know me, you might be surprised on where I stand today. I haven’t completely “flip-flopped”, but I’ve definitely changed my views on a few things. That’s a TAWNT though, so you’ll just have to follow this blog to find out more.

2001 Jace and I started DesignAway, Inc. Still in operation today, it has allowed me to contract on-and-off through the years on various design projects in differing capacities.

2008 enter my 2nd newest love, my son JD. And again my career as full-time mom took over. I have loved every second of it! Okay maybe not every second, but majority of them!

Fast-forward to today and again my inner designer is dying to get out. She can only be ignored for so long! But I've also discovered that I have an inner writer as well. I let her out in 2010 when I started my first blog, Divine Revelations, which you've already seen me link to several times.

2012 - to appease my inner designer, writer, and entrepreneur, I am planning to launch a new business - ReVdesign – to go along with this blog.

So that's me in a nutshell...I hope I haven't completely bored you to tears!  Please stay tuned and drop me a line if you ever have any questions or comments...I love to engage in thoughtful discussion!