What To Expect

So I thought I'd give a quick run-down on "what" you can expect from this blog...

*More Content than photos!  To provide a visual break in your surfing from all of those photo/ad driven blogs.  Relax.  Read.  Clear your mind.  Provoke your thoughts.  Spark ideas...OK, so I'll probably throw a few photos in from time to time.

*Interior Design as a Profession, a Process, and a Passion.  Like the tag line states, only I'm adding a couple more "P's"...a Plan & People.  Let's talk about all of the varying, broad, fragmented views of what Interior Design is and is not, and what that means to you.

*Threads (aka Topics).  It is my intention to breakdown big, complex topics into a series of bites small enough to chew on for a little while.  So I'm going to post at least once a week (Monday or Tuesday) on a specific "thread".  I will continue with that thread weekly until I've run out of things to say on that topic or I get sick of it.  Then I'll start a new thread.  If there's something else I'm dying to share but I'm not ready to end the first thread, then I'll start another one and post on Thursday or Friday.  Here's some threads you can expect to see:

     -Interior "Design" VS. "Decoration"
     -Design for REAL people
     -Design Media- TV, blogs, websites, magazines, books...
     -Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Rules of Design
     -And much, much more so stay tuned!    

*Wednesdays.  I may or may not post something on Wednesdays.  I am reserving Wednesdays for any random thoughts I'm having...something that's not thread related.

So there you have it...still interested?  If so, please "follow" in whatever fashion you prefer and be sure to join the conversation.  Even if it's just between the two of us (and possibly my mom)!

In the words of blogging and marketing guru, Seth Godin,

"The best blogs start conversations, they don't control them."

That's what I aim to do!